Sunday, 6 May 2018

(കാറ്റാടി) Kattadi Kite Fest, Mahe, Puducherry 5-5-2018

Kattadi Kite Fest @ Mahe is the latest in the workshop series beginning of the month. Prominently known as Mayyazhi and home for popular Writer and Novelette Shri M Mukundan. Shri Mukundan graced the occasion and delivered the talk and narrated some kite stores to kids. He is also understood to have saying he could fly the kite for the first time in his life. It was a good moment and as a great admirer, I have handed him over a kite, which I made to fly.  Shri Mukundan flown the kite and inaugurated the event in the presence of Ex Home Minister, Govt of Puducherry, Shri Valsaraj who is also Chief Patron of Sabarmathi Research & Innovation Foundation, Mahe and Muncipal Commissioner Shri Aman Sharma. It was a pleasure moment to every one who came to participate in the function.

Mahe, it is first time a kite fest is being held where kids come in large nos. Nine years and above are the ones who attended with pre-register their name for the KiteKraft ®.

Para Sled was the kite chosen to teach them. Kite Kits were distributed to each and every participant who stood in row in the table setups. Volunteered by few members of SRIF. Initial hiccups of first getting knowing the shape and inquisitive nature of kids and adults alike randomly seen how to make now etc!!! But not to the dismay, the experts deliberated the making as well flying. The color selection of kite material somewhere with few coming with the opinion saying not upto the mark as it is yellow... and green, which somewhat ok type on the sides. Organisers have complained it also. This could be avoided if a suggestion raise in the beginning when we had sent fact of options. The connecting documents towards one making to understand was not properly distributed for the information despite being sent in advance. The activity was outdoor hence the the presentation of historical evidences as well the first kite syndrome followed by the kites that was developed and used in the world war and the time of modern era was a miss. So it continued with workshop culminating to understand while making. The KiteKraft was held at the park way side overlooked by Arabian Sea, under a shamiana, until forenoon. Evening all participants assembled at Parrakkal Beach and down kites.

Over all the programme went successful. On the sidelines, a giant kite was flown besides giant bubble. Bubbles is somewhat geot easily bursted due to the humid weather. But some of them gone gone letting not every one disheartened.

Following are the pictures for info and records.

Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Satwa Kids Camp @ Vengoor Angamaly Kochi with KLF 25th April, 2018

Ms Supriya, Founder of Satwa has invited KLF for tthe second time to be part of their popular Summer Camp, which is running for the fourth time. KLF associated with Satwa for the second time. Kids partcipated for the last many editions has been so enormously happy, having found in the camp.There is some sort of bonding and their engagment in the programs is a standing testimony to what vouch on above. Happily, as on second time to the camp I have seen this evidently. What not that was offered to a camper, be it drama, sport, skill development, cookery classes, Yoga and by the time they leave the camp they will find in enlightened and  empowered. Kite, to its core has enormously created a furore having making one as well flying. Unlike in the past, a new type was introduced to them which can fit into their pocket with out any hassle and free to fly as and when they feel free and conquer the blue skyline.

Some of the pictures given below. Oh yeah, another interesting activity I have included in the camp was Bubblelogy for the first time ever. Am thankful to my mentor on this. Mr Fred Taylor from Canada with who I have worked in the immediate past months in Goa followed by few other places. So enthralling it took me to develop the skill and I have made solution for myself on the day of this event what mentioned above. Solurion worked.  Thanks for inspring me Fred. No I have some interesting pictures that showcases the truth what i said. May be somw ideas to the solution I can develop. Lets see till then hip hip hurray!!!!!.

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

KiteKraft@Thalassery by KiteLife Foundation for JCI Tellichery on 9th April 2018

KiteKraft© was organised for JCI Telicherry on the sidelines of the KidsCamp organised by the later at Bishop House,  Sandes Bhavan Telichery. Kids irrespective of age participated in the never seen workshop of its kind and subsequently put up testimonial to what they have achieved in one hour time  thru uniquely placed kite making. According to Suha, the +1 student who is also having singing talent confirmed she has enjoyed making as well flying the kite and not to forget that she became an early bird to finish the making and supported the rest in making joyfully. Participant Alap, Sanvitha along with their friends have taken the gear to finish and support others to ably finish the kites of what they never saw untill, exceptionally the design and carriability like folding it in as a handcurchief and pocket it. Each kites made was very successful in their first flight bounded in yellow and green colour kites. Kids were taken post workshop in the evening accompanied by their trainees reached at Darmadam Beach Park, nicely maintained by DTPC, Kannur. JCI Thalassery hosted it. Kites made by the kids have taken to home.

Some pics of fest.

KiteLife Foundation extended all support in distributing, training and making kites for the participants and saya thank you!